Zaycon Foods

By: Tami


I recently got to try out some chicken from Zaycon Foods (read my full review tomorrow), and I just couldn't wait to tell my readers all about it.


Zaycon Foods offers various food products such as fresh meat (including chicken, beef, turkey, pork and fish) and select fruits at incredible prices.


They buy straight from the source and since they buy such a large quantity they're able to secure a great price. They, in turn, pass on these savings to their customers. All their chicken is 100% natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.

Right now their chicken is selling for as low as $1.49 a pound, or at the most $1.79. Not only do you get incredibly fresh, high quality food but you get it at unbelievable prices. Healthy food on a budget? Yes please!


How can you get your hands (and mouths!) on some chicken? Sign up!

Right now there are no scheduled savings events for Florida, but they have *just* been here to check out the possibility of hosting an event in the future.  If they receive enough interest then they'll be back with savings for all!  So come on Florida deal seekers, let's show them how much we want that cheap (and good!) chicken.  


Zaycon Foods


If you don't wish to sign up just yet, you could drop them an email instead or leave a comment on their Facebook page (tell them Couponing in Florida sent you) letting them know you're interested.  If we can generate enough interest, I would happily organize a savings event for us in Central Florida. Shoot me an email if you're in - just put "Zaycon" in the subject line.

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